Specialist HeyOBI / OneOBI adaptation (m/f/d)

  • SSC Prague - Czech Republic / Slovakia
  • Full-time
  • Fixed-Term

Our department within OBI Czech Republic is responsible for supporting sales divisions in the Czech and Slovak Republics, as well as for brand building through the creation and implementation of marketing strategies and initiatives based on the parent company's marketing strategy within the context of local conditions. Our department plays a key role in connecting with customers, planning and executing marketing campaigns, and developing communication channels for an effective brand approach.

Your Tasks

  • Training a member of the Czech team who will be responsible for the applications' operations
  • Responsible for adapting and implementing the HeyOBI and OneOBI applications in the Czech market
  • Preparing user manuals for the applications, and developing materials for the internal and external launch of the application into the market
  • Adaptation/implementation management
  • Applications Oversight
  • Planning, organizing and coordinating trainings
  • Creating and updating user manuals

Your Profile

  • You are fluent in English or the local language
  • Communicative: You share ideas clearly, you encourage open communication and strong interpersonal skills
  • Proactive: You take initiative, anticipate challenges and actively seek improvement opportunities
  • Team-oriented: You love to collaborate with your team
  • Customer-oriented: You prioritize customer satisfaction, address concerns and strive for service excellence
  • Time-structured: You efficiently manage tasks, meet deadlines and exhibit strong time management skills

Important to know

As part of your application for the OBI International Exchange Program, we conduct an English language test to prove your English skills.
Please complete this test, if possible, before submitting your application. You can easily upload the results in the application form or send them later via e-mail to the designated contact person.

Information: The introduction of the English test is only available in German but here we have an English translation.
The test will be 100% in English language.

Click here for the language teststevens-english.de

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